Getting to the Lodge

The lodge is located in the West of Scotland, just over an hour away from Glasgow.

To reach the lodge from Glasgow, simply follow the M8/A8 to Greenock, then take the A770. As indicated on the map, a crossing to Dunoon is operated by both Caledonian MacBrayne and Western Ferries. More details about the ferry crossing can be found by visiting the operators' websites. Please note that Western Ferries offers the most economical pricing; tickets can be supplied in advance through our booking form. Buying in advance is certainly recommended, as it is more expensive to travel without booking.

After the crossing, follow the A815 to reach the lodge.

An alternative route from Glasgow is to cross the Erskine Bridge to Dumbarton on the A82. After following the A82 by Loch Lomond, take the A83 (heading toward Inverary) then the A815 to reach the lodge.

If you have any questions, or need more detailed instructions, please contact me.

Map of Scotland

Map of the Clyde Region

Map of the Clyde Region, with main roads